No One’s Perfect (New Page)



“It’s not how you start out. It’s how you finish”

::Random Thoughts::

That’s an interesting word, forgiveness. I wonder is forgiveness about condoning bad behavior? Is forgiveness divine or just an act of self-interest?

First, I don’t think we know what the “big plan” is or why certain things happen to us, in our lives good or bad. However, there are definitely signs along the way. And sometimes those signs are right in front of us but we ignore them and the cycle may continue.

I wonder could I forgive someone that has hurt me in a life-changing way. Could I move on and become whole again. Without the bitter pain weighting me down into despair because if we don’t forgive in the long run, are we really hurting ourselves?

However, I think we must have an open heart and it has to be voluntary. I guess in the end it’s all up to us. Right? Maybe, just maybe we need to face the bitter, ugly, hard truth of what happened and do what’s right, to heal our souls and the scars. Otherwise we will pay a dear price in the long run. We can destroy our own happiness. I want you to know like many folks I’m searching for the answers.

forgiveness (1)

Finally, whether forgiveness is divine or just an act of self-interest, why should we give someone else the key to our freedom? That’s a lot of power. Maybe forgiving is another way to break the chains that bind us so we can be free. Free from the prison that will only give us limitations and prevents us to love with an open-heart.

I think an open-heart gives (us power) to transform our dreams into reality and in turn fulfill one’s destiny, which puts us on the road to real happiness.

Perhaps, the signs are saying that the power of love and forgiveness are part of the divine plan.

“Maybe the gate to a hellish prison is locked from the inside.” If that’s true, that means we hold the key.

Forgiveness: “It’s not how you start out. It’s how you finish”

 Yes, we all make mistakes (no one is perfect) but I have one more question. Many times, there are consequences for the actions we take in life. So, does that mean we should forgive and forget? If we forget, we will learn nothing from the past and history may repeat itself.

Take Care,

Love You Shelley


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