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Fall Season 2017


The holidays are just around the corner. The heat of the summer is almost gone. I love the Fall season. It represents a beautiful cycle of loss and regeneration — once the spring season comes around. Yeah, it will be a good time to break out the hot chocolate. Just thinking how this season creates a sense of comfort, warmth and reflection. One of my favorite things to do is to see Art works at one of my favorite places. (Galleries, Museums) Then have a lunch (picnic) in central park.

Autumn  is so beautiful I love being outdoors. Of course it is a romantic season which makes it extra special..

Bring on Fall Season 2017!

Truly Yours, Love Shelley


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Muhammad Ali, Coffee of Grace and King David

Good Morning Readers

Beginning this post with updates. Have a good day..

First, the Ink Spots Arts & Entertainment Website Update.

Go to the Front Page and the Noise Magazine Section


Ink Spots Entertainment Special Edition Noise Magazine Featuring Muhammad Ali Tribute


Ink Spots Entertainment Special Edition Noise Magazine featuring

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro


There’s a new (Seeing Stars) Section on the Ink Spots Entertainment front page.

Check it out and follow the celebrities featured on twitter.


Ink Spots Entertainment (Watch This Video) Section.

New Movie in the Spotlight is, “The Verdict” starring Paul Newman


Ink Spots Entertainment Book of the Month

Now for the Deepest Red Update. Look for two new pages at the top of this blog.

  1. Greek God Hermes
  2. The Story of David and Goliath
  3. The David by Michelangelo Page features a new book


and this new banner for Ben Whishaw’s Notebook Word Press Blog

has been posted on the Deepest Red front page…


See this Artwork for the sidebar (The Three Graces)

New Photo For the sidebar (Olympia, Greece Ceremony)

More to come. Love Shelley


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Springtime, Deepest Red Blog Update


Good Morning,

Hope you’re all having a good day!

Sharing a (Deepest Red) blog update..

I updated several pages – check them out at the top.

And there’s a new song on the playlist.

Also, the sidebar has new books and Greek mythology videos.

Oh and I recently, updated the Ink Spots Entertainment front page. Take a look.

Enjoy your morning. Love..




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Music and Ben Whishaw ‘s Notebook

Good Morning!

Here to share three things with the readers of this blog.

First, I created a new blog titled “Ben Whishaw’s Notebook”

and here is the info page at Ink Spots Entertainment.

The second update I want to mention is the new music posted at the sidebar.

Check out the “Music Fantastical” section I added new song links. The little comet at the sidebar will show you the way.

Just a some of my favorite songs and music videos.

(Music by Adele, Rihanna, Fiona Apple Josh Groban, Dave Matthews, John Legend & More)

Finally, I created this Muse icon that has been posted a the end of the front page.

It is probably a good idea to say, I have updated the front page of this blog (The Deepest Red) with new videos, pictures and text.

When you get a minute take a look around.

Love Shelley


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Summertime In NYC! Books, Films & Psychics


Hello Dear Friends..

So far, the New York Summer has been rainy. Well, call me weird, odd and strange but I don’t mind the rain.

Did I mention that I enjoy talking long walks in the rain. Yeah… I do. Weird I know..

Anyway, let me begin with a little update – the (home) page has been changed to the (home office) at Ink Spots Entertainment.

Going to the movies this weekend. Recently, I posted summer movies news at “the pencil kissed the paper blog.

Oh and someone mentioned, the trailer link I tweeted was broken for the new Hercules movie. Here is the trailer and it looks really awesome!

: o ) As for the lovely Mr. Ben Whishaw, he is working hard. Matter of fact, you all should expect to see his portfolio page at Ink Spots Entertainment to be updated this weekend. Excited to see the new Suffragette Movie next year – January 16, 2015!

The film is starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Gleeson, Romola Garai, Anne-Marie Duff, and Samuel West. Suffragette is directed by Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane), based on a script by Abi Morgan (Brick Lane, Shame, The Iron Lady), and produced by Ruby Film’s Faye Ward and Alison Owen (Brick Lane, Jane Eyre, Saving Mr Banks). Executive Producers are Pathé’s Cameron McCracken and Film4’s Tessa Ross. Chris Collins is the lead executive for the BFI Film Fund.

Ben Whishaw fans know that Abi Morgan was the writer for BBC America’s “The Hour.” She won an Emmy for writing The Hour, don’t understand why it ended after two seasons. So much stuff on TV is garbage and “The Hour” only got two seasons.

No No No! Please not another reality series…no more!!!

(shakes head)

Got a couple of updates, to share. I created a new twitter banner please check it out. Hope you like it.

And I started posting news at the (Chasing History Gazette) and I’m getting ready to update that blog again, either today or tomorrow.

Now, moving onto books, if you scroll all the way down the page at the front page of Ink Spots Entertainment you will find the (Book Of The Month) spot. The book at the top of the page is the new book for the month for June.


Closing with a few comments about Psychics and something funny that happened to me last summer. Yeah, I posted this story on twitter so it might be familiar.

My appointment ended and I was walking in the West village (near Chinatown) in New York City. I stopped by a small deli to pick up something for my trip home because I didn’t get a chance to eat anything. There was a deli perched on a high stoop so I made the climb. However, before going inside the store I decided to wait and look around the neighborhood. I just got this feeling I should look around.

Then I noticed a sign on the street. It was a sign advertising (Psychic Readings for $10). I smiled and turned around there was a (late twenties) young woman at the bottom of the stoop. She was fussing with her bags and finally decided to climb the stairs to the deli. Before she reached the top. I leaned down and reached out to shake her hand. As I was shaking her hand I said with a smile. “Hello you’re a psychic, meet another psychic” I continued, “Isn’t that your sign in the street”

At first she couldn’t talk then she said, “How did you know, that was my sign. I mean, Oh yes it is”

I didn’t want to freak her out so I made polite conversation. At that point, the woman questioned me about being a psychic and offered me a $10 psychic reading. I smiled and said maybe some other time. Then it happened. She was looking deep into my eyes as I the conversation was flowing. She interrupted me but didn’t speak right away. At that point the woman started to give me a reading right there, we made a psychic connection. She was trying to deal with the information. That was probably the first time she made a real psychic connection. I allowed her to ask me a couple of personal questions. Then I mentioned the hour and my long journey home. She asked me again to come for a reading before I walked inside the deli. I got a sandwich and a drink for the road and went home.

As I explained to the young woman we are all psychics. However, some people are born very talented with strong psychic gifts. Like any other skill, psychic abilities can be enhanced. Use your common sense – don’t be cheated. You’ve seen a few phonies on the TV Shows from time to time. When someone claims to have “great psychic powers” and they start breaking out the “phony psychic speak” don’t fall for it. People who have a strong psychic gift don’t have to play games.

Crystal Balls look good in the movies but you don’t need one to make a connection.

I will be back to chat and post updates.

Have a good day. Love Shelley

P.S. ❤ Ben Whishaw (He’s a sweet angel)



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Ink Spots Entertainment Book Of The Month, and a New Play and Movie



It’s me. Hope you’re all having a grand day. The time has come, I shall be blogging here again.

Got lots of updates  but wanted to put my toe in the water with this post.

Now, this shouldn’t sound weird I’m excited to say, I have new feature at Ink Spots Entertainment. At the bottom of the front page, see the brand spanking new “Book of The Month.” Yes, that means every month, a new book will be featured on the front page of Ink Spots Entertainment.  Here is the current BOOK OF THE MONTH, please don’t hesitate to check the book out at amazon.


You probably wondering about the book below. 

Well, Ben Whishaw has signed up to play Moby Dick author Herman Melville in Director Ron Howard’s adaptation of In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick.

He will join Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Osy Ikhile and Tom Holland in the forthcoming  film.

The movie is about a crew of a whaling ship that is destroyed by a (Sperm Whale) stranding them at sea for 90 days. 

Shooting began in September.

As for the picture of Ben at the top of the post. 

Ben has joined an ensemble cast including Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Tom Rhys Harries, Daniel Mays and Colin Morgan (Merlin) in the first major revival of the MOJO play which got rave London reviews in 1996. 

Book now to see this extraordinary new production. Promotional Photo & Ticket Website

Coming back with a whole list of blog updates, stay tuned. Love Shelley 


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Ben Whishaw Won Best Actor BAFTA Award!


(smiling) Ben I’m So Excited and Happy For You!!!

And he won the BAFTA Award for his Richard II role. Ben’s performance was brilliant! How awesome is that! He gave a marvelous acceptance speech. Isn’t he adorable. This news just makes me REALLY Happy for Ben and I can’t wait to see what project he is doing next.

Listening to the interviews below, Ben strikes me as down to earth, passionate and speaks good old fashioned common sense. He is authentic and sincere. That is what I like most about him.

BAFTA News: 

Ben Whishaw was named as best actor at the British Academy Television Awards in London on May 12, 2013, confirming his status as a rising star.

He won the award for playing Richard II in a four-part series The Hollow Crown, a BBC adaption of Shakespeare’s history plays.

Ben said at the ceremony at London’s Royal Festival Hall: “I’m really, really surprised. I was just hoping it would be one of the others just so I wouldn’t have to come up here and say anything,”

PBS will be airing Richard II in the Fall. Hope you all get to see it. I will post the TV schedule. Don’t forget to check out Ink Spots Entertainment I added new pages and lots of good stuff to the front page.

Love Shelley

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