Muhammad Ali, Coffee of Grace and King David

Good Morning Readers

Beginning this post with updates. Have a good day..

First, the Ink Spots Arts & Entertainment Website Update.

Go to the Front Page and the Noise Magazine Section


Ink Spots Entertainment Special Edition Noise Magazine Featuring Muhammad Ali Tribute


Ink Spots Entertainment Special Edition Noise Magazine featuring

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro


There’s a new (Seeing Stars) Section on the Ink Spots Entertainment front page.

Check it out and follow the celebrities featured on twitter.


Ink Spots Entertainment (Watch This Video) Section.

New Movie in the Spotlight is, “The Verdict” starring Paul Newman


Ink Spots Entertainment Book of the Month

Now for the Deepest Red Update. Look for two new pages at the top of this blog.

  1. Greek God Hermes
  2. The Story of David and Goliath
  3. The David by Michelangelo Page features a new book


and this new banner for Ben Whishaw’s Notebook Word Press Blog

has been posted on the Deepest Red front page…


See this Artwork for the sidebar (The Three Graces)

New Photo For the sidebar (Olympia, Greece Ceremony)

More to come. Love Shelley



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