Music and Ben Whishaw ‘s Notebook

Good Morning!

Here to share three things with the readers of this blog.

First, I created a new blog titled “Ben Whishaw’s Notebook”

and here is the info page at Ink Spots Entertainment.

The second update I want to mention is the new music posted at the sidebar.

Check out the “Music Fantastical” section I added new song links. The little comet at the sidebar will show you the way.

Just a some of my favorite songs and music videos.

(Music by Adele, Rihanna, Fiona Apple Josh Groban, Dave Matthews, John Legend & More)

Finally, I created this Muse icon that has been posted a the end of the front page.

It is probably a good idea to say, I have updated the front page of this blog (The Deepest Red) with new videos, pictures and text.

When you get a minute take a look around.

Love Shelley



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