Ben Whishaw Won Best Actor BAFTA Award!


(smiling) Ben I’m So Excited and Happy For You!!!

And he won the BAFTA Award for his Richard II role. Ben’s performance was brilliant! How awesome is that! He gave a marvelous acceptance speech. Isn’t he adorable. This news just makes me REALLY Happy for Ben and I can’t wait to see what project he is doing next.

Listening to the interviews below, Ben strikes me as down to earth, passionate and speaks good old fashioned common sense. He is authentic and sincere. That is what I like most about him.

BAFTA News: 

Ben Whishaw was named as best actor at the British Academy Television Awards in London on May 12, 2013, confirming his status as a rising star.

He won the award for playing Richard II in a four-part series The Hollow Crown, a BBC adaption of Shakespeare’s history plays.

Ben said at the ceremony at London’s Royal Festival Hall: “I’m really, really surprised. I was just hoping it would be one of the others just so I wouldn’t have to come up here and say anything,”

PBS will be airing Richard II in the Fall. Hope you all get to see it. I will post the TV schedule. Don’t forget to check out Ink Spots Entertainment I added new pages and lots of good stuff to the front page.

Love Shelley


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