Holiday 2012 Blog Update!


Happy Holidays!


This update has got lots of goodies. First, I have launched (two) new blogs on WordPress.

New Blog #1 is..“The Pencil Kiss The Paper” Go Here.

New Blog #2 is..“Since Love Began” you’re going to love this one too. Go Here.

Both blogs need more content but I will work on that over the next few weeks.

Next…Myspace Blogs

I created a new Ink Spots Entertainment blog for myspace. Here it is (link Fixed)

The other (two) blogs (Cherry Love and Kisses & The Pencil Kissed The Paper) I had on myspace for several years are in the process of deletion. The design content is gone.

Now in case you missed my tweets. I created (three) New Tumblr Blogs. Hope you visit often because after the first of the year all the blogs will be updated.

Tin Bathe

The Hungry Soul Market

Horatio Travels

And I haven’t updated the Wedding Pinterest I created in a long time but as I said that will change.

: o ) This update is almost finished where does the time go when you are having fun.

Go to the (the Deepest Red) blog I added a few things. There are (Four) new sections.

Cleopatra: The Legend

Alexander the Great

Minerva Awards

This is Interesting! << Laughing. Yes, that is the name of the section. Take a look.

More Goodies..

Go to the front page of (the Deepest Red) blog I added pictures, video and (new text) so get busy start exploring.

Then head over to the sidebar and check out the “I Know You By Heart” section.

Once you finish reading that section. Watch the videos in the Music Fantastical section.

Also I provided easy access for you to the Apple website by adding the new icon I created for the iPad and iCloud.

Finally, what should you expect?

I will be adding new content to the blogs and all of them will be linked to Ink Spots Arts and Entertainment. More updates on the way.

Please don’t leave without listening to the Christmas music playlist. Did something a little different this time. The playlist has music and poetry from the “Bright Star” movie. Have Fun.

(smile) To Ben Whishaw, Happy (belated) Birthday & Wishing You and Your Family a Happy Holiday Season. Can’t wait to see the next episode of BBC America’s The Hour!

♡ Love and Kisses Shelley


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