Happy Birthday! Ben (Whishaw) with Love

I am here today to celebrate the life of Ben Whishaw!

Surpassing time and beyond distance.
Happy Birthday! Mr. Whishaw, I adore you.

(smiles) I didn’t come empty-handed. On this auspicious occasion, I want to present a birthday gift for a special person. The banner (I created) at the top of this post is my humble offering.

Perhaps, a little explaining is warranted.  The banner for “The Pencil Kissed The Paper” will be the lead for a new blog on WordPress.  The blog on myspace with the same title will be deleted. The content of the new word press blog will include pages about: Film Directors, Costume Design, Broadway Shows, Magazines, Travel etc.

(smiles) In a recent interview, readers found out that (man of mystery) Ben Whishaw prefers a English Breakfast. He  drinks Earl Grey tea. Therefore don’t be surprised if you see a link for a tea shop or two. I know this gift I offer isn’t worthy but please keep in mind it comes from my heart.

Now even though, “The Pencil Kissed The Paper” will have a new banner and home. I will still post most of Ben’s projects here on (the Deepest Red) with other musings, so that will not change. Also, look for new content and re-decorating in the effort to keep this place fun.

To get a larger view of the banner just click the image. And when I find out the name of the photographer I will give credit for lovely photo.

It will be a smashing birthday! In a few weeks three BW projects are premiering. Here are a couple new photos. More blog updates for all the projects to come.


Cloud Atlas (adaptation of the novel by David Mitchell)

The Hour  (Second Season, BBC America)

Skyfall (James Bond Movie)

The launch of the new blog will coincide with the premiere of the Cloud Atlas movie at the end of the month.

Mr. W put your party hat on! Keep Rockin.

With ♡ and Kisses..



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